Van Accessories

All new vans can be ordered with accessories fitted by the manufacturer.

If this is something you require please discuss this with our salesmen prior to your order.

Ply Lining
Whether you choose ply or plastic, lining the inside of your van can protect it from the damage caused by moving loads. Damage to the inside can often be seen on the outside, so line your van and protect its second-hand value. Ply is strong and resilient, but plastic is waterproof, non-slip and stain resistant.

We can fit half or full height bulkheads of solid metal, mesh or plywood to best suit your needs and budget. A bulkhead adds safety, security and comfort whilst also reducing noise levels.


Rear / Additional Seats

Blaney Commercials can have type approved seats fitted to almost any vehicle complete with a Certificate of Conformity to comply with your insurance.


Van Racking
Carry your tools and other loads in a safe and organised manner with a racking solution that fits your needs and budget.

Van Frails
Blaney Commercials can help you carry loads safely or those otherwise too big for your van. Either internally or externally fitted, a frail system is purpose fitted for the transportation of glass panels, frames and doors.

Whether it’s a conversion or chassis-fit, Blaney Commercials can provide the refrigeration solution you and your business need. All work is undertaken by specialists in the field to ensure that your van is properly insulated and sealed.

Trailers & Towbars
Is a simple way of increasing the load capacity of your new van or pickup in a cost effective manner.

Pipe tubes
A great way to carry items that are longer than your van. Made of either plastic, aluminium or galvanised metal, pipe tubes offer safety and security. You can even add locking caps for peace of mind.

Why not protect your van and its cargo. You may even save money on your insurance bill to!

This is van parlance for a flashing light. If you need to be seen, Blaney Commercials can have a single, double or blaze bar beacon fitted to your vehicle.

If you are worried about the security or you are carrying high value items or parking in high risk areas why not invest in extra security.

You can have roof ladders or rear ladders fitted for ease and practicality accessing items on your roof.

For peace of mind you may wish to fit a tracker for security reasons.